Thigh Lift

Thigh Lift NYC

The Crescent incision procedure for thigh lifts is similar in concept to the arm lift. This procedure is ideal not only for post-Bariatric surgery patients, or patients who have loose and sagging tissues from aging but also for younger patients who can’t seem to tighten their medial thighs through diet and exercise alone. By limiting the scar to naturally occurring skin creases that are nearly invisible, even very physically active young women can benefit greatly from this surgery.

The thigh lift is performed by first performing extensive liposuction of the thighs. This is followed by elevation of the tissues of the medial thigh with an incision that starts in the groin crease and continues around the groin area to the buttock crease. The patient is initially positioned on their back but then turned onto their stomachs so that the procedure can be completed by perfectly positioning the posterior scar in the buttock crease. The patient is fitted with compressive garments following the procedure that should be worn for the next several months to optimize contraction of the tissues and the overall results.