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by Inessa cafarella on
Life change !!!!

11 weeks back dr.Eric Sadeh did my lipo ...OMG what a life change !!!!i like to say thank you very much !!!!

by Carmen Morales on
Mommy Makeover

I met Dr. Sadeh 5 years ago when I had to have a breast procedure done which required removal of some masses that I had on both my breast. I found him through my insurance provider..Not only did he remove the masses he also gave me a breast lift with impeccable incisions he did not make any money from this extra procedure. I realized immediately that he was a decent, caring doctor. He is meticulous, pays very close attention to details, gives a lot of thought to and took the time to plan the best way to execute my procedure so that I could receive ideal results and-he never wavered from what he believed was the best way to go about it. He genuinely cares about his patients-he is kind, down to earth and listens carefully. My breast looked so beautiful that when I went for my follow up visit 5 years ago I told him that when I have the funds and am ready to get breast implants and liposuction I am coming to him. I managed to save the money and sure enough 5 years later I came back to him for a mommy makeover. I never once doubted whether I was in the right hands for this procedure. I was excited and never experienced an ounce of anxiety going into surgery because I knew that everything was going to be perfect. I really appreciate these qualities and his ability to make me feel this way.
In addition to his qualities as a person, his skills as a surgeon are also amazing. My body has never looked better! I am very impressed with his creativity in regards to where he chose to make the incisions, they are in places most people would never notice. And now that I've healed and can see the true result of the surgery, I am so pleased, I have no regrets except that it took me 5 years to come back to you. He is a true artist!
Doctor Sadeh gave me my body back and then some! My waist is tiny my stomach is flat my breast are young and perky. Dr. Sadeh restored my confidence back and helped me pick up the broken pieces. As, I'm writing this tears are falling down my face I'm so happy with my results. Sadeh is an artist and has an eye on how to contour a woman's body. Sadeh you brought me back to life, back to 100% loving myself again and for this I Thank You!! You are truly an artist but even more important a great person
Mikal (his office manager/wife) is a warm, kind and genuine individual. From the moment I walked in the door the very first time which was 5 years ago for my first breast procedure, until I did my second procedure this year which was the mommy makeover she made me feel so at ease. She worked-out all the details leading up to my procedure and was very patient with me and all my silly questions. And most of all, she took such good care of me the day of my procedure. I felt so loved :). She really made me feel like it was all about me.

If I were ever to do another cosmetic procedure or if anyone I know ever needs a cosmetic procedure done, Sadeh is the only person I would call or recommend. They make one wonderful team!! By the way did I mention I am 51 years old and have a body now of a 30 year old.

by Laura H. Forest Hills on

Dr. Eric Sadeh did an amazing job! I went to his office for a consultation about a breast augmentation, lift, and lipo. He was personable and extremely intuitive, i booked my appointment for the following month. After my surgery I woke up with minimal pain and virtually no scars. His Office MNG Mikal is great and very caring and is just as hands on with patients as Dr. Sadeh. I absolutely recommend them, for everything!

by Ava Z. Brooklyn on
My nose looked so much better!!

I don’t know what this other reviewer is talking about. Dr. Sadeh did my nose and it came out great. He was very kind and patient with me, and yeah, there was often a good half hour wait in the office but I think that’s standard for any doctors office.
I had two appointments before my procedure and everything went smoothly the day of. It took me 5 days to recuperate well enough to get the bandages taken off and already then my nose looked so much better!!
It’s been a month and my nose looks and feels wonderful. I would definitely recommend this doctor to a friend.

I have a beautiful new stomach

I decided to have a tummy tuck. I went on several consultations before I decided that I would like for Dr. Sadeh to do my surgery. When I first went for the consultation with this office I was nervous but after talking with them and reveiwing some of his work and after a few other consultations I felt most comfortable using Dr Sadeh. My procedure was very successful. I was very pleased with all the help i needed before and after my procedure. My before and after photos are so amazing that I still cannot believe that this is the way I look now. I have recommended Dr. Sadeh to my family and friends. My sister had a procedure done there and also my cousin. They are also pleased with their results. I have also decided to have some other things done but this one procedure alone has changed so much for me. I can sincerely say that I am very pleased with my procedure the first time I saw my new tummy without my bandages I cried. I never had a beautiful stomach. I had a terrible c-section scar that went from my navel down and stretch marks everywhere. I have a beautiful new stomach that I am very proud of now. I had my procedure done feb 29 2012. I am healing very nicely and I am really looking foward to having a few other things tooken care of but right now I am loving what I have done so far. Thank you so much Dr. Sadeh, Mikal and all the staff for making this a very positive experience for me.
sincerly yours,

by Denise G. Manhattan on
Tummy Tuck

I will like to thank dr. eric Sadeh for changing my life. I recommend this doctor 100% and I will continue doing more surgery with him. One month ago I had a tummy tuck and i feel and look amazing. The line of the procedure was very neat. From the receptionist Lucy to his wife Mikail are very nice and professional. I love this doctor and his proffesionalism.

by Irma M Knickerbocker, NY on
Breast Augmentation with a Lift

Dr sadeh is a great doctor and has done a wonderful job on my breast augumentation and lift i dont get the negative report from mark c but id be willing to show picture of my surgery and i absolutely love my breast i am on my third week of recovery and healing well i adore his wife mikal she calls to find out how im doing and care alot about us patients shes a lovely person im doing my tummy next that is how good of a job he did thank you dr sadeh and mikal you guys are great : )

by Simone W. Yonkers, NY on
Tummy Tuck

I went with my cousins to several doctors before going to meet with Dr. Sadeh. We were met by friendly and courteous staff members. The office was clean and we didn’t feel pressure. After our consultations, my cousins and I decided on Dr. Sadeh. One of the other girls I brought with me got her TT done before me. I loved the job he did and couldn’t wait to get my work done. I am now 3 1/2 weeks in and so far, so good. I’m still swollen and healing, but I can’t wait to see the end results! I’ve received several checkup calls during my first week alone. Mikal has been very accommodating towards my schedule and needs. Anytime I have a question I need answered, I’ve received a call back in a timely manner. I can honestly say that I’ve always been treated with courtesy and respect when dealing with Dr. Sadeh and his staff.

by Dina Manhattan NY on
Breast Reduction

I had a breast reduction by Dr. Sadeh in November 2011 and am very happy with the results. While no surgery is pain free, I had no serious problems at all, in fact I can honestly say I was treated like gold by Dr Sadeh, patient coordinator Mikal and the staff. This is my first experience with plastic surgery and its been a totally positive experience.

by Malika on

AMAZING!! A good friend recommended Dr Sadeh for Botox and I’m so happy with the results. He’s an artist. He gave me exactly what I was looking for when I came to his office, which is elegance, natural and chic. Both him and his wife made me feel so welcome, they are professional and I liked how they care to see me 2 weeks after just having Botox to see if I was satisfied. I thought that was amazing and I would highly recommend him.

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