Hot Topics in Plastic Surgery

The use of liposuction combined with newer techniques of vertical breast reduction to shorten the scars and improve the ultimate shape and durability of the breasts.

Breast augmentation with minimal scars utilizing endoscopic equipment and other techniques to ensure correct placement and symmetry.

Liposculpture employing technologic improvements in equipment and techniques allows for aggressive correction of previously thought to be problem areas.

The open rhinoplasty that provides improved visualization of the nasal tip and thus a more predictable and better long-term results.

Eyebrow lifts that are performed with upper eyelid surgery to create a natural result with no visible scars.

Lower eyelid surgery that removes the tell-tale signs of aging without the risk of scarring or drooping of the lower eyelid.

Short scar facelifts that produce better and longer lasting facial rejuvenation without the scars, hair loss and that “wind-tunnel” look!

Multi-disciplinary approach to lower facial rejuvenation combining dental procedures with lip augmentation, skin resurfacing and Botox to create an incredible smile.