Out of Town Patients

Instructions for Out of Town Patients

With todays ease of travel, more and more people are heading to places like New York City to receive their plastic surgical transformations from the best surgeons in the world. Away from the stresses of their everyday lives, patients can have a relaxed, private surgical experience and enjoy some of what Manhattan has to offer before returning home.

Our main office is conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan with easy access from all local airports and other modes of transportation. We recommend that you make all arrangements ahead of time including picking specific dates for your consultation and procedure so that your experience will be predictable and smooth. If possible we encourage our out-of-town patients to set up a phone consultation or a virtual consultation through Skype with Dr. Sadeh after forwarding photographs. In this way most of the details of your procedure will be reviewed and worked out ahead of time, so you can relax when you get here.

We will make every effort to accommodate you and all of your special needs during your stay. You should allow sufficient time in New York City for your recovery before returning home. This will vary from a few days up to two weeks depending on what is done and how closely you need to be followed. We have special relationships with hotels in the area where you can recover in quiet and special luxury if you choose.

Our staff will assist you with all local arrangements and ensure that your entire experience is comfortable and rewarding. Please feel free to call our office at 212-459-9500 or e-mail the office to set up your phone consultation or virtual consultation through Skype. We look forward to meeting you!