Ear Pinning ( Otoplasty )

Ear Pinning Surgery ( Otoplasty ) Information, Before and After Photos, Surgery

Ear pinning is commonly performed on children before they become aware of their appearances so they don’t have to suffer ridicule because of protruding or misshapen ears. The ideal time is after the ears have fully grown around the age of five until their early teenage years, although ear surgery can give people more confidence at any age. Ear surgery can correct ears that are too large, position the ear or ears closer to the head or improve the symmetry between the ears. There are also specific conditions such as “Lop Ear” when the ear folds down on itself and “Shell Ear” when the ear’s natural folds have not developed that can be corrected with this simple procedure.

Ear surgery is performed with general anesthesia for children and usually local anesthesia for adults. While a head dressing is worn during the immediate postoperative period, since the incisions are behind the ear the recovery from the surgery is extremely fast and virtually scarless. No longer should children lack confidence or adults be prevented from having certain hair styles, wearing certain hats and having confidence in their appearance.

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