Brazilian Butt Lift NYC

Brazilian Butt Lift in Manhattan New York

This is a relatively new procedure that is finding a tremendous following especially with the popularity Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and other celebrities with well-endowed derrieres are enjoying. The “Brazilian Butt Lift” or Autologous Fat Grafting of the Buttocks uses your own fat to increase the size, lift and firm-up and enhance the contour of your buttocks, creating a more sensual figure. It is also commonly performed to correct irregularities in the contour of the buttocks and to replace volume lost as a result of aging or weight loss.

The procedure involves taking your own fat from the abdomen, flanks, back, thighs or any other trouble areas and re-injecting it into the buttocks. The only prerequisite for a Brazilian Butt Lift is having a sufficient amount of fat that can be harvested, prepared and then re-injected into the buttocks to create the desired results. The fat is collected using the tumescent liposuction technique and then placed into syringes. The fat is then prepared for injection by separating it from the liquid components of the liposuction aspirate. The syringes containing the fat are then connected to special cannulas and the fat is injected into the deep fat of the buttocks, usually along the upper and outer areas, to produce the classic Brazilian Buttock appearance.

The secondary (and sometimes even better) benefit of the procedure is the result of the liposculpting itself that greatly contributes to the overall improvement and refinement of your figure. Patients are placed into post-surgical compression garments and encouraged to be as ambulatory as possible starting the day after surgery. Getting comfortable may be difficult given that the Brazilian Butt Lift involves work in several different areas of the body at once. For the first few weeks, it is very important not to sleep on your back for extended periods of time because that will put excessive pressure on the newly augmented buttocks and may harm the ultimate result. Therefore, sleeping on your side or even in a more upright position is recommended. Patients are also encouraged to massage the buttocks as soon as the areas are no longer tender.

Like all body contouring procedures, results can be seen within several weeks, however, the buttocks should continue to look better over the course of several months. So long as you maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine, the treated areas should look great and retain their sculpted appearance for many years to come.